Who can go for Abacus Training?

Kid’s right from the age of 4 upwards can enroll for Abacus training online as it is the right age to begin as brain development is maximum. Being a complete brain development program, abacus learning activities helps in aligning both the left and right hemispheres of the brain resulting in added benefits.

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Activates right and left hemispheres of the brain

Researchers have found that Abacus can effectively activate the right brain and helps in getting mathematical solutions quite easily. Abacus training also offers different games in the form of mathematical problems for children, which makes learning more fun and interesting.

Skill boosting after school activity

Choosing an after-school activity for your child can be difficult. Not only is it important that time is put to good use, but it must also keep them interested. An abacus course online can be that perfect fit especially for the development of a child’s brain power.

Helps build a better career

One more important factor is that Abacus based mathematical skills remain in their brain as a long term memory in their help thus helping them in career development in the long run thus adding to valuable human assets in the country.

Improved Auditory, visual and kinaesthetic skills

Abacus incorporates and enhances auditory, visual and kinaesthetic/tactile learning style in each kid. It helps active learning and activates key cognitive functions. One key aspect is determining the seriousness of the program towards the child’s learning is their adaptability.

Better visualization skills

An Abacus course can form the basis for more complicated subjects in later years. It equips the abacus learner with the talent of visualizing numbers in their brain, thus bringing them ahead of the competition.


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